LA Danza de la Pluma. Fe, Sacrificio y Tradicion

-Born of a strong sense of belonging and of a strong faith, it is a form of spirituality that is moved by personal responsibility to the entire community. It is the need to pay your dues to nature, to a higher power and to the community’s well-being that fuels this commitment. It is the physical sacrifice of the dancers that continually regenerates the bond between the community and the spiritual realm in the fiesta. The commitment of each dancer allows everyone in the community, by their quiet participation, to honor the life-giving forces of nature through the dance. - Conquest Dances. © Armando Espinosa Prieto 2009.

The documentary “La Danza de la Pluma. Faith, Sacrifice and Tradition” stems from interviews and other documentation in Teotitlán del Valle during November and December of 2007. It focuses on the motivation of the dancers when pledging their commitment to the Dance, the physical and economic sacrifices involved, and how this ancient tradition still survives in this community. It has both English and Spanish versions, and is exclusively for sale at the Community Museum in Teotitlán del Valle. The only other way to watch the documentary is when we screen it as part of our Projects. Follow us on Facebook (or sign up for our e-newsletter in the Contact area of this site), for dates and places of our screenings. Screenings and an accompanying introductory talk always feature free admission. Previous presentations.

This film was made possible in part by the support of Frieda and Jim Arth and The Santa Fe Art Institute. We are extremely grateful to Rubén Abruña for his support.

In 2008 Metamorfosis Documentation Project's film "La Danza de la Pluma. Faith, Sacrifice and Tradition" was screened at the Kent Film Festival in Kent, Connecticut and at the Cine las Americas International Film Festival in Austin, Texas.