Todos Santos - Feast of the Souls

In the Andean world the cemetery is understood as the womb of the community, and the identification with one’s family, community and culture is renewed in honoring the link between the living and the dead. There is a sense of responsibility in maintaining that link, in reciprocating with the dead, so they can mediate for them with the gods, assure a better life and protect them from ill fates. As if an umbilical cord, the dead keep the community in contact with the infraworld and thus legitimize their claim to the land, family and community. © Armando Espinosa Prieto

Our film “TODOS SANTOS. Feast of the Souls” focuses on how the cele¬brations are carried out in Candelaria, a small and remote village in the southern Andes of Bolivia. There, celebrations for the dead only take place for the first two years after the death of the family member; even though afterwards yearly offerings are made to the dead in the food storage rooms, and visits to the cemetery are common.

The film has both English and Spanish versions, and is for sale exclusively at the Community Museum in Candelaria. The only other way to watch the documentary is when we screen it as part of our Projects. Follow us on Facebook  (or sign up to our newsletter at the contact section of this site) for dates and places of our screenings. Screenings and an accompanying introductory talk always feature free admission. Previous presentations.

This film was made possible in part by the support of Frieda Arth and The Santa Fe Art Institute, and by the generous donors to our Kickstarter campaign: Rubén Abruña, Eliane Allegre, Pamela Arth, Kent Black, Gay Block, Alexis Brown, Jessie Ceccorulli, Carol Cooper, Lucille DiDomenico, Lisa Freeman, Iku Fujimatsu, Andy Glasgow, Harmony Hammond, Mary A. Judge, Diane Karp, Maurice Mikel Limón, Mercedes Limón, Ana MacArthur, David Margolis, Jonathan Meyer, Jean Moss, Ann Murdy, Glen Neff, Patsy Norvell, Chrissie Orr, Larry Ruiz, Natalie Runyan, Mari Seder, Laura Star, Carole Thomas, Dick Thomas, Bruce Tilton, Alisa Woofter, Rowan Wolverton, and twelve anonymous donors.