La Festividad de los Muertos - Lanii Xtee Tugul

This ritual of cultural and spiritual coherence propelled by the presence of the ancestors is an act of reverence manifested by the sharing of abundance in heartfelt gestures of generosity. 

The documentary “La Festividad de los Muertos / Lanii Xtee Tugul” shows us how ancient Zapotec culture still resonates in time through this ritual. It takes us through the intricate labyrinth of tradition and protocol, of family relations and community commitments. It portrays the elegant and heartfelt way their ancestors are honored. Family and spiritual kin family intertwine to create the tapestry that is Teotitlán del Valle and how it powerfully manifests on the day of “Fieles Difuntos”.

The documentary “La Festividad de los Muertos / Lanii Xtee Tugul” is for sale exclusively at the Museo Comunitario "Balaa Xtee Guech Gulal". It has both English and Spanish versions. The only other way to watch the documentary is when we screen it as part of our Projects. Follow us on Facebook  (or sign up for our e-newsletter in the Contact area of this site), for dates and places of our screenings. Screenings and an accompanying introductory talk always feature free admission. Previous presentations.